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Our Story.






3 words that come to mind as a resident of VAN. (Vancouver, British Columbia)

VanApparel is a Vancouver-based company that originates through experience.

After visiting various cities, VanApparel Founder Colton Schock observed the pride that emanates from belonging to your home town. After reflecting on what it truly means to be a "Vancouverite," Colton was inspired to create an inclusive network in Vancouver through VanApparel. The VanApparel Logo is designed to showcase:


VAN, Vancouver's abbreviation and an acronym for the "3 words"

The Mountains that outline the cityscape.

An ECG (Heart Rate Trace) to showcase the importance of Health and Fitness.


This Vibrant city is personified through its diverse population; a true urban metropolis. Take in a variety of arts and culture from an accelerating community. 

Altruism is undoubtably the main reason VanApparel exists today, it's depicted at the peak of our design, which is why we are proud to donate 10% of our proceeds to BC Children's Hospital.  

Specifically, the oncology unit to pay homage to Colton's late Aunt.

Nature continues to attract people to Vancouver. The changing seasons allow us to experience beaches, mountains, and forests unlike anywhere else.

Wear your city. Define your own experience. In a city without limits.

Travel to new places, while staying connected to your home town. 

Join #vanapparel as we #showcaseyourcity in an effort to depict all Vancouver has to offer, and what it truly means to be a "Vancouverite."